Happy Thanksgiving!

November 27th is a day when we take time to celebrate being together and the traditions that keep our culture vibrant. We all look forward to traditions like spending all day cooking with friends and family, staying in pajamas to watch the Turkey Pardon and Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, or doing something to help those in need.

It’s a day not about wrapped presents – but gifts of time, gifts of food, and of course – gifts of flowers!


In recent years, some of the staff at The Enchanted Florist have joined Keller Williams in their annual Thanksgiving Dinner Drop. Groups of volunteers meet to distribute full Thanksgiving dinners to less fortunate households.

For more information about this event, check out their Facebook page here.


Thanksgiving is also a holiday about appreciating abundance, so when it comes to florals for the table, why not fill a traditional cornucopia with your fall favorites?


For the contemporary traditionalist, a textural long and low arrangement complete with dried fruit, orchids, succulents, and feathers is sure to make a statement.


When you’re the guest and you’re not sure what to bring, a small bunch of fall flowers is sure to be appreciated by any host or hostess! Just be sure that if they are not already in a vase, they are at least nicely arranged so that all is needed is a fresh cut before going into water. This is important, so that everything does not need to be put on hold while trying to arrange a posy – we wouldn’t want the turkey burning!


Whether you stay home or travel across the country to be with loved ones,

we hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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