Florals for My Irish Table book release party!

Our friends at Restaurant Eve achieved another milestone this week with the release of their debut cookbook, My Irish Table – written by owner and head Chef Cathal Armstrong. Much more than just a collection of recipes, this beautiful memoir contains colorful tales of Armstrong’s journey from his Irish upbringing and love of food early on – to his rise to become a leading chef in the sustainable food movement and owner of 7 food and drink establishments in the Washington DC Area. You can read more about the book and where to purchase here. We especially loved this review in the Examiner too!

We were thrilled to provide florals in Eve’s signature rich orange and verdant green for their New York book editors luncheon, hosted by Chef Armstrong in the tasting room at Restaurant Eve. Congrats to Chef and the entire Eat Good Food Group!












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2 Responses to Florals for My Irish Table book release party!

  1. Nice shape to that arrangement. I really like how you folded the leaves in.

  2. AddySmith says:

    I found lots of interesting information here. The post was professionally written and I feel like the author has extensive knowledge in this subject.

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