Mod florals for Mad Men

Who doesn’t love a theme night? Especially one as swanky and sexy as a Mad Men cocktail party. We can’t think of anything more glam than an evening of fizzy cocktails in delicate stemmed glassware and petite treats served up on an elegant mirrored trays. So when one of our favorite clients brought us in to complete the scene, we dove right into the retro theme and designed florals in sophisticated whites, cremes, and greys displayed in textured vases of varying metallic tones. We like to think Don Draper would have felt right at home – and we know Betty would have looked fab in that green gown!









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2 Responses to Mod florals for Mad Men

  1. Flori says:

    Oh, yes, we love that! :))

  2. martinsflower says:

    Such pretty design and the book looks interesting too. There is something about Ireland and flowers that just seems to fit.

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