Organic Evening at Eve

Here at the Enchanted Florist, we love all things green. So when we were asked to create a lush tablescape of organic and “green” elements for a client hosting a group of leaders in the field of renewable energy, biotechnology, and sustainable development, we were on it!! Even sweeter – the event took place in Restaurant Eve‘s intimate “Sunflower Room”, the perfect setting for this nature-inspired soiree. Using succulents, moss balls, ferns, river rocks, birch bark, dogwood branches, and more — we were able to create a setting that carried the gorgeous garden of Restaurant Eve indoors, and brought the client’s vision to life.






Update: Received this lovely email from the client, which always makes what we do that much more fun!

Oh my, it was absolutely perfect!  Enchanting is apropos.  Only wish had taken a picture — got there later than planned, and whirlwind once stepped through threshold into room full of delights. 
Thanks, look forward to next event!
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3 Responses to Organic Evening at Eve

  1. What a lovely design ob boutiques… I would like something like that in my weddings 🙂

  2. Eliana says:

    This is absolutely beautiful! Enchanting is a good word to describe the details of this setting. Did you make the moss spheres yourself? Gorgeous, gorgeous! Great work!

  3. Nice blog describing the setting for the event. Beautiful arrangement done..keep up the good work!!

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