Texture gone wild

This is a tale of two Natalie’s who love texture and the abundance of interest that it can create. Natalie, the bride, found our shop and came in to talk to Natalie, the florista. Instantly, they connected over a shared love of all things organic – berries, fruits, foliage, thorns, herbs, vines – they loved it all! From the velvety smooth to the painfully thorny, they were simpatico in their desire to amp up the interest for Natalie’s November wedding at a vineyard in Virginia. A few petally sahara o’neal roses served to contrast the texture and bring in a touch of soft “bridal” beauty. The real showstoppers are the thistle, viburnum berry, artichokes, cotton, and brunia berry. Even if you aren’t thinking of going to this texture extreme, there’s so much that’s possible if you can think beyond the perfect petals and embrace a little of the wild and unexpected that’s out there in the exciting world of flowers.














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9 Responses to Texture gone wild

  1. Mahima Git says:

    It’s a wonderful site and good collation

  2. Sarahh says:

    Pure gorgeousness!!!!!!

  3. Flower Aura says:

    These have so many textures in parallel. As it is, the sum should be greater than the parts 🙂

    Love these arrangements. I have a lesson or two in layering myself.

  4. Awesome… loving the cotton.. great job 🙂

  5. Such a great texture! In our opinion the brunia silver and dusty miller really make the look!

  6. Love those flowers. Also great choice of colours.

  7. Perfect combination of colours, flowers look awesome.

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