Vibrant and Virtue-ous!

A favorite repeat client, ASCO, recently held their annual dinner at one of our favorite Old Town hot spots, Virtue Feed & Grain – and we were given free rein to create looks for the long farm tables that were modern and feminine without being too frilly. Combining vibrant jewel tones, twisted curly willow, and EatGoodFood Group‘s signature green apples, we kept the look compact and lush, but with a funky edge that works in the oh-so-cool and rustic Virtue. If you haven’t been to see the space and taste the deliciousness, you need to go. Like now.







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4 Responses to Vibrant and Virtue-ous!

  1. Ashley says:

    Beautiful flowers!

  2. Bouquet is looking nice !!

  3. yes yes yes love the colors

  4. Wow looking awesomely beautiful. M just loving it… Thanks for sharing these pics….

    Beautiful flowers

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