A Midsummer Night’s Eve

What better way to get D.C.’s hottest food writers into one room than to invite them to a fabulous 5-course dinner at Restaurant Eve? Owner Meshelle Armstrong’s theme for the night was “A Midsummer Night’s Eve”. Knowing how florals play an integral part in the overall ambiance of a great party, she came to us to complete her vision. Focusing on lush ferns and vines to create a wild and unstructured look, our designs were accented with Eve’s signature green apples and orange garden roses.

Next time you’re having a fun get together, why not come up with a creative theme too?

// Image

// Image

// Image

// Image

// Image

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2 Responses to A Midsummer Night’s Eve

  1. hi…
    Decoration of flowers on dinning are looking nice !!!

  2. Preeti Git says:

    you give me very interesting decoration of flowers on home dinning table so we like your post and we accept your designing Creativity so ousam your mind….

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