A week in the life at The Enchanted Florist

This is one of the floral arrangements we made for the photo shoot at Bishop Boutique. Thanks for the picture, Kelly!

Hello blog readers! Sorry for the delay in posting, believe me I’ve been getting a lot of heat from Ashley about not posting in a timely manner, so for that, I apologize. I’m not making any excuses but I think once you read the blog you might be able to forgive my tardiness.

September 26th-30th

What was supposed to be a low key week proved to be the exact opposite! Instead it ended up being a busy week with a few surprises, some fun and some that completely flipped the shop upside down.
Our crazy week started when Monday our internet went down! So with no way to print out work tickets we had to go old school with hand written card messages, handwritten work tickets for the designers and handwritten delivery slips. Monday closed out with the internet still down and we crossed our fingers that our provider would get us back online before Tuesday morning!

Our wishing and hoping didn’t really work out for us because Tuesday our internet was still down and we didn’t get back online until Wednesday morning. So as we started getting back into the groove it was finally time to fit a Starbucks run into the equation. Midafternoon Ashley and I decided to detour from our usual Starbucks (King & Union – they ROCK – no shady words on cups) so that we could make our way to upper King Street to check out the new boutique in Old Town, Bishop Boutique and to meet Kelly, the owner. Gina had worked with Kelly earlier in the week and provided floral arrangements for a photo shoot that Kelly was having at Bishop. Gina loved the clean, modern and edgy vibe of Bishop Boutique and talked about how cool it was for three days straight that Ashley and I couldn’t resist checking it out for ourselves.

From the moment you walk into Bishop Boutique you immediately feel as if you’ve been transported to a cool and edgy boutique in your favorite shopping district in New York City! Her shop has such an inviting vibe that it really draws you in, so much so that within the first five minutes of being there I found an amazing necklace that I immediately purchased (I actually saw a rockin’ pair of heels too but I had to refrain…trying to be more disciplined with my shopping). Kelly was so sweet to us, she was so engaging and personable and so relaxed as Ashley and I badgered her regarding the shop and about her background!

As it turns out Kelly made her way to Old Town via New York and DC! Her background includes time with Martha Stewart Living and years of experience working in great boutiques. We were quite curious to know how she chose the name for her shop. Kelly says she and her husband were talking about how the street names in Old Town, King and Queen, reminded them of a chess board and that BB are her father’s initials! Love the chess board connection but really love the connection to her father! And yes…Kelly can attest that we were on our Starbucks run, although we were a little embarrassed running around with our giant trenta cups so we had them hidden in a brown shopping bag! Next time we stop by Bishop we’ll make sure to include her in our Starbucks run and take her a beverage too! Thanks for chatting with us Kelly, and you might see me sooner rather than later because I can’t stop thinking about those rockin’ heels!

Wednesday ended on a great note and it looked like the week was going to get back to normal…I thought wrong! Thursday morning calls started pouring…is Phyllis okay, is she really in London, stuck with no money or way of getting home after being robbed at gun point in the park – NONE of it true! Uh oh! Phyllis’ personal email has been hijacked! 50 phone calls later we call Melissa (see last week’s blog) and ask her to help! 125 calls and one blank check later (a long time customer was so concerned she came to the shop with a blank check to help Phyllis get home) a mass email is sent out saying “disregard”! The calls wind down and it’s time for lunch, the morning was a wash!

After Thursday mornings excitement we get back to work and are able to focus on all of the beautiful wedding work that is scheduled to go out Saturday! Cecile back to designing wedding bouquets, Ashley and E focusing on wedding arrangements and everyone else doing what they do. Overall, even though this week was crazy…it really wasn’t too different from most weeks around here!

Bishop’s web page has not gone online yet but you can stay connected with her and the shop through Facebook and you can follow her on Twitter!  She’s open Monday – Saturday 10:00 – 7:00 and Sunday 11:00-5:00 and she’s on a great part of King Street! You can stop off and buy yourself a cool pair of rain boots (the rain has been crazy lately) and a great necklace and then you can make your way over to Hank’s Oyster Bar for oysters and cold beer! Shopping and eating…sounds like a great day to me!

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One Response to A week in the life at The Enchanted Florist

  1. Ashley says:

    Well worth the wait! thanks for the updates!

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