Melissa moves on…

This morning I woke up and it occurred to me that our very own Melissa is leaving us today!  I’m in shock and disbelief (even though I have had lots of time to process it) and am concerned that we may never find a replacement that will be able to belt out show tunes the way she can!  Melissa has been a key player in the shop for more than a year and although we will miss her, she and her husband are embarking on a fantastic adventure that will be taking them out of the area.  So as I realize that today will be our last day with her it makes me think about some of the great times we’ve shared with her.  Most days (not all) working with her went a little like this:

9:50 – Melissa calls, she’s headed to Starbucks and wants to know if she should pick up the usual for everyone.

10:05 – She’s a few minutes late…but it’s okay she’s four cups heavy with Starbucks and we’re all happy to see her.

10:05-12:00 – In the basement working hard on proposals and event/wedding preparations.

12:00 – Melissa uses the intercom to call upstairs to say “Is it lunch time yet?”

12:00-12:30 – We all sit upstairs and have lunch together.  Melissa’s lunch looks delish and we all tell her how tasty it looks – she immediately says how easy it was to make and offers to give everyone a copy of the recipe.

12:30–1:00 – Melissa stays upstairs and helps out for a little bit before she heads back down stairs.  While she’s upstairs she belts out a few songs, “Sisters” , from White Christmas being one of her favorites.  Melissa and Aggie also continue to belt out a few random songs…Aggie never knowing all of the words and Melissa kind enough to pick up the slack and continue the song without making Aggie feel like a dork!

1:00-2:30 – Melissa meets with a client…the shop is quiet.

2:30 – Ashley gives Melissa the look and proceeds to ask her if she’s ready for another Starbucks run…Melissa assures her that she too is ready for another Starbucks.

2:30-2:45 – Melissa and Ashley make an afternoon Starbucks run….they return with Starbucks and Ben and Jerry’s!

2:45 – 4:30 – Natalie and Melissa work in the basement – We hear laughter upstairs – not quite sure what’s going on down there!

4:30-5:00 – Melissa’s back upstairs, she’s doing some of Gina’s recommended stretches and asking if anyone wants a little wine.  She tells E that she’ll make the boutonnieres and corsages for the weddings.

5:00-5:30 – Phyllis joins the party and Melissa entertains us with her afternoon repertoire of songs .

5:30-6:00 – Melissa finishes up for the day and suggests that we all head over to Jackson 20 for cocktails.  After absolutely no prodding Phyllis, Gina, Natalie, Ashley and I all agree that cocktails at J 20 sound like a great idea.

We’re really going to miss you around here Melissa…there’s no one like you.  In such a short time you’ve come to know us, and the coffee and tea we drink, you’ve come to make us laugh with your special gift of knowing what seems like every song ever written and you’ve added a little something to everyone’s recipe collection.  I think everyone in the shop would agree when I say, you went from coworker to friend.  So we will not say goodbye, we’ll just say…see ya later!

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2 Responses to Melissa moves on…

  1. Melissa Davidson says:

    Wishing Melissa and her Brian good luck wherever their adventures are taking them! Sending hugs from the other Melissa & Brian (wedding was Sept 2010).

  2. Ashley says:

    Really great blog! I look forward to reading more about the Enchanted Florist ladies, flowers, neighbors, doggies, and Melissa’s guest appearances:) She’ll be back in just three weeks and already we can’t wait!

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