Love.. Laughs… and Cherry Blossoms

Coming to work everyday and getting to do what you love is a privilege and a thrill.  This couldn’t have been more true the day I met Rob and Beth Dahl.  They popped in one day dreaming about their wedding that would be about a year away and after chatting with them for a while it was clear we wanted to be part of this wedding .  Fortunately the feeling was mutual!

Beth’s love of all things gardeny helped set the stage for a vintage inspired wedding.  The time of year was also very important to them.  They wanted all of their family and friends to experience Cherry Blossom season here in Washington so they booked their reception at the Athenaeum in Old Town and made me promise that the blossoms would be at their perfect peak on their wedding day!  Oh, no problem… we have an in with Mother nature I told them.  She made it happen and it couldn’t have been more perfect!

Through the months that we planned all the elements for this lush and romantic wedding, Beth and Rob became our friends.  Their exuberance and desire to make their wedding day a serious party to share with everyone they love says so much about who they are.   I think we had just as much fun planning it with them as they did!

Through the years our shop has been filled with many love stories and this is definitely one to add to our Enchanted list of favorites!


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