Pick of the Day

Check out today’s pick of the day!  What an amazing arrangement Erlinda created.  We love the color combination of the bright green and deep purple and also how she used so many different textured flowers.  What do you think?

In this arrangement: Baby green hydrangea, green celosia, cabbage, green dianthus, green hanging amaranthus, dark purple lisianthus, and galax leaves.

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2 Responses to Pick of the Day

  1. alan says:

    Absolutely love this arrangement, thinking about it for our 24 tables at our wedding. Can you tell me what size square vase did you use? Looks like it could be 5 x 5, but hoping it’s 3×3.

    • Hi Al,
      So sorry…it is definitely not a 3×3, it actually might even be 6×6. We don’t have the vase anymore so I can’t measure it for you but it was a decent size. Good luck! It is a beautiful arrangement!

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